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  Chongqing Zongshen Aero Engine Manufacturing Co., Ltd relies on the mature supply chain foundation of Zongshen group, combined with the 30-year engine R & D experience and manufacturing strength of Zongshen team, it has realized the aviation power series covering 2-400hp. Our company has continuously launched C12H, C20F, C80, C100F, C115 and C145 series products. At present, our company also has two types of electric variable pitch propeller, zp1780 and zp1870, which are used in the aviation piston engine of 115 HP to 160 HP.

OUR Service

Technical service

  Our company has a variety of customized services in the field of technical services to solve a specific technical problem, such as providing technical information, technical information diagnosis, inspection and testing, etc. customized services can achieve engine data monitoring, equipment and personnel security, on-site guidance and teaching and other technical functions.

After-sales service

  Our company has an experienced after-sales service team, who can provide after-sales services such as engine regular inspection, engine fault diagnosis, engine overhaul, power matching, propeller engine matching, engine performance test, and respond to technical problems 24 hours.