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Zonsen Aero participates in the 13th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition

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 The 13th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition was held in the Zhuhai International Air Show Center from Sep 28 until   Oct 3, 2021.

Chongqing Zonsen Aero Engine Manufacturing Co., LTD. (shortened to Zonsen Aero) participated in this show with engines CA100, C12H, C20F, C80, C100F, C115HT, C145HT and electric variable pitch propeller ZP1900.

Nearly 700 companies from 40 countries and regions participated in this show online and offline. All the high-grade products caught the eyes of all the visitors.


Image 1: On the first day of Air Show, Zonsen Aero attracting many professional enthusiasts to the stand for a business talk.

Image 2: International customers is asking about the characters of Zonsen aero engine.
Image 3: Professional customers are talking about Zonsen aero engines.
Image 4: Business talk between professional partners.

The high-tech aero products of “land, sea, air, sky, electric” attracting the world’s attention. Zonsen Aero shows the technology power with the “independent development, professional manufacture, new product, new technology, new service and new achievement.”


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