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Zonsen Aero in Year 2021

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 01、Zonsen Aero was awarded “Chongqing technology R&D Center”, showing the the scientific prowess.

On 20th February, Chongqing Zonsen Aero Engine Manufacturing Co., Ltd.( Hereinafter referred to as Zonsen Aero) was awarded “Chongqing technology R&D Center of small and medium-sized enterprises” by Chongqing Economic and Information Commission, Chongqing Finance Bureau, Chongqing Tax Bureau and Chongqing Customs.


02、Zonsen smart factory passed the review of specialists group.

On June, the Chongqing major project “aviation piston engine manufacturing smart factory” passed the review of specialists group.


03、Zonsen Aero participated the 13th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition, gaining widespread traction.

From 28th September until 30th October, the 13th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition was held in Zhuhai, China. Zonsen Aero showed CA110, C12H, C20F, C80, C100F, C115HF, C145HT aero engine in this air show, gaining widespread traction of CCTV, China Aviation News and international customers.


04、Zonsen Aero new smart-factory starts.

On 22th December, Zonsen Aero new factory started to build and planned to use on June 2023. The new factory has three centers of research, manufacture and test. It also provided specialized equipment of altitude simulation, propeller and aero engine’s matching and smart workshop. Zonsen Aero makes an effort to create a new factory which is high-end, environmental and smart.


05、Zonsen Aero C145HT and C12H engines were awarded “Excellent product” by specialists group of China High-Tech Fair

From 27th December until 29th December, Zonsen Aero participated 33th China High-Tech Fair on behalf of Chongqing delegation. Zonsen aero engine C145HT and C12H were awarded “Excellent product” by specialists group.


06、Zonsen Aero completes the new financing, estimated RMB 1.4 billion.

On December, according to the Zonsen Aero’s IPO plan, Zonsen Aero completed the new financing. After this new financing, Zonsen Aero estimates RMB 1.4 billion.


07、Zongsen CA110 aero engine’s performance was verified.

In the year 2021, Zonsen CA110 aero engine’s performance was more widely used in agriculture, forestry and plant protection. The product safety and environmental suitability were verified.


08、Zonsen Aero got fruitful achievement of innovation and intellectual property patents.

Until the end of year 2021, Zonsen Aero has got 91 intellectual property patents. Including 5 patents for invention, 77 utility model patents and 9 design patents.