Technical service

Technical Service

Chongqing Zonsen Aero Engine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an integrated company committing itself to the development of aero engine design, manufacturing, sales, after-sale service and other related business. Our company has a variety of customized services in the field of technical services to solve a specific technical problem, such as regular calculation, design, measurement, analysis, installation, debugging, as well as providing technical information, improving process flow, technical diagnosis, inspection and testing services.

Function realization

I. Testing of engine operation data;
II. Operation of engine operation;
III. Convenient engine assembly and disassembly;
IV. On-site instruction and teaching;
V. Safety protection of equipment and personnel.

We rely on efficient service, timely support and the principle of customer priority,
Whe company promises to provide customers with all-around technical services.

Case review

Construction of propeller test safety room


In the case that the engine drives the propeller to rotate at high speed, in order to ensure the safety of testers and products, our company will build a safety protection system on the test bench system, which will transform the safety of the propeller test room. From the beginning of the design, we will make a unified plan for the safety, and install observation windows, isolation doors and windows, protective nets, and pins at the entrance and exit It can ensure the safety of personnel and equipment in propeller test. In the test process, the test system will customize different strategies according to the requirements of the access door. When the propeller side door is opened, the whole test system will stop. When the rear door is opened, the running engine will immediately drop to idle speed, and the whole operation follows the strict safety operation process.


The project of propeller test site safety room is to better ensure the safety of test products. On the premise of ensuring enough engine test data and propeller in and out air volume, it can also better guarantee the operation safety of test personnel.

Construction of dynamic monitoring training room and maintenance training system


In order to meet the requirements of engine dynamic detection and data acquisition, our company provides training room construction services. The construction of the training room includes the construction of the test bench, the design of the independent test unit of the torsion force and thrust test mechanism and the design of the test mechanism. It will establish the training area, fix the engine assembly fixture through the established operation platform, and realize the multi angle reverse operation of the engine, so as to complete the assembly and disassembly.


The construction of the maintenance training system is based on the aeroengine maintenance manual. In the training room, the functions of the use, maintenance and teaching of the engine products are met by means of the allocation of tools, the formulation of tooling, the installation of the operating platform and the teaching wall chart.