After-sales service

After-sales Service

Chongqing Zonsen Aero Engine Company has set up a special after-sales service team with rich experience, who will be fully responsible for the after-sales service. we have more than 40 service team members.They are technical engineers and after-sales engineers with technical certification in all aspects.They can ensure high-quality, efficient and professional after-sales service. At the same time, we have arranged 24-hour service and complaint hotline.

We carry out life cycle maintenance and support technical services for engines. The highest goal of our after-sales service is to ensure the safety and comfort of our customers. Based on this goal, we will always adhere to the concept of "customer first, efficient service, warm and thoughtful" , and providing all-round services to all engine customers, as well as relevant customers who need technical support and skills training.

24-hour service,complaint hotline:023-66376087

Maintenance cases

The company has maintained nearly 100 engines, including TCU failure, insufficient engine power, engine failure to start, oil leakage, insufficient cylinder pressure, engine inspection after touching the propeller, almost covering all systems of the engine.

Service photos

Service photos

Maintenance photos

Propeller test site

Overhaul test

Engines that have been overhauled

Static detection

Disassembly detection

Supercharger detection

Service items

Technical services

power matching, propeller engine matching, engine performance test, etc.

Maintenance service

regular engine inspection service, engine fault diagnosis, engine overhaul, etc.

Comprehensive services

engine parts services, Maintenance Kit design services, skills training services, etc